Table Synchronization from different databases.

zulqzulq Member Posts: 204
I got two customer tables running on two different databases. Both DBs are on different machines and on each navision database servers are being used. The machines are in the same network.
I want to synchronize the two tables such that when one is updated the other is automatically updated as well.
Please any ideas!
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    WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    Here are some ideas:
    1) Use different No. Series
    2) OnModify, OnInsert, OnDelete: mark the record for synchronization
    3) Use a NAS to synchronize.
    4) To transfer the records, you can either:
    - Use Webservices;
    - Use MSMQ
    - Use file in a directory
    - Use some kind of "Integration Framework" (ISV Product)
    - Use database table (if both applications can connect to the same server).

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