Adjustment for Invoice Qty.

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1) How to create entry only affect invoice qty column?
User wanted add pending invoice qty 7618.5 (8465-846.5) for LOT712396, but unfortunately user cannot lookup Item tracking line in Purchase invoice entry screen as no available in this LOT.

User can't do Item adjusment as it will affect both column as well.

Date Type Doc Lot Itm Ldgr Qty Inv Qty
03/02/07 Purchase V611-004 LOT712396 8465.00 846.50
03/02/07 Negative GST-702-036 LOT712396 -846.50 -846.50
09/02/07 Negative GST-702-077 LOT712396 -854.00 -854.00
12/02/07 Negative GST-702-093 LOT712396 -900.50 -900.50
16/02/07 Negative GST-702-122 LOT712396 -413.00 -413.00
26/02/07 Negative LOT712396 -5451.00 -5451.00

Please Advice...



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    AndwianAndwian Member Posts: 627
    What do you mean?
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    KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    On the item tracking lines form you can only lookup lots (and serials) for out going stock, not for incoming stock. A purchase invoice would be incoming stock (unless the quantity is negative of course :-)).
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