What errors might crop up?

smkolsoftsmkolsoft Member Posts: 53
Dear All
One of our client wants us to stop value entry table to be populated
while an inventory realted transaction is posted.But item ledger entry is required.
They have assured they will never use costing functionality of Navision.

I would like to know what problems will crop up if we do this
apart from the Costing funcationality ?



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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    if they say they are not using the costing in navision - what do they use?

    Why stop the posting into that table?
    If they aren't going to use it then why not just ignore the costs?
    You can make the costs not visible instead of changing posting routines.

    such a strange request :-k
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    hedegaardhedegaard Member Posts: 25
    Maybe the field "Inventory Value Zero" on the Item table can help you.
    If that is set to true as I recall the cost amount will be 0 on the Value entries.

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    smkolsoftsmkolsoft Member Posts: 53

    Thanks for ur suggestion . We hv already checked that option.Inventory value zero creates Value entry with 0 costs . But Value entries are not stopped from getting created.
    Currently the size of Value entry table is 30 GB .Our client wants to stop
    this table from getting populated further.
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    ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    May be some day the client will ask for not posting GL entries ,they will use it for issuing purchase/sale order and inventory management and maintain accounts on accounting software like Tally etc. :mrgreen:
    Why not to go for some hardware upgradation and performance tuning to increase the speed and optimizing the database rather than playing with the system.
    CA Sandeep Singla
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Have you made a copy of the database.
    - & then deleted all the entries to see what happens?

    If it causes no problems for them (on the test database) then create some kind of purging report that eliminates all the entries (say monthly).
    *attempt at own risk*

    I don't think anyone really knows what errors will pop up - because i doubt stopping any and all Value Entries has ever been tried. And we don't know how you're customer uses Navision, therefore we can't tell you what errors will appear.

    *It sounds like they just need some kind of database. Perhaps Access is a better way to go??
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    mukshamuksha Member Posts: 274
    But what is the need of playing with the system, if the client doesn't want to use the Navision in accounting then they shoud not use it for account purpose but you should not play with the system. The value entry is very necessary in the system, may be with cost of zero.
    Mukesh Sharma
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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    Just to let you know, you need value entries to post Sales. One of our clients has uses POS LS retail. I replicate the item ledger, but not the value entry. That way they know what it's in inventory, but cannot post at POS.

    You need at least one value entry for an item ledger. If the size of the table is really that large, I would rather date shrink the item ledger.
    Which I do not recommend. It is always cheaper to buy more hard drive.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

    blog: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/ara3n
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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Instead of doing a lot of modification, why not just turn off the Automatic Cost Posting on the inventory setup? This will create minimal entries on the value entry table.

    This will also allow them the flexibility to use the inventory granule without problems down the road, incase the customer change their mind (which almost always happens).
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