C/front 4.0 Sp3 Error

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We try to connect to a native database using Web Services developped in VB .NET.
It works well a few times for the same request but after 3 or 4 times we encountered the following error "65662 (C/FRONT ERROR)".
We use C/FRONT OCX through "CFRONT proxy component for .NET usage v1.2"

We try other solution like ODBC but response time is too bad to use in a Live application. We also try to use the following dll "Microsoft.Navision.CFront.CFrontDotNet.dll" provided with the SDK 4 SP3 and receive the error message "CFront.dll is not loaded". ](*,)

For information, we run a 2.01 MFG version under the 4.0 SP3 engine so it will not be possible to use a SQL Server without full upgrade.

Can someone help us ? [-o<


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Still, you can think about using WebServices to connect your application with NAV. Search the forum for more info about WebServices and NAS
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