No longer permission to certain functionality

je79aypsje79ayps Member Posts: 49

I've just set up our own server where we before had our database at a hosting company. It the same client version and all should be the same.

We have a "upload file" function that doesn't work after the move. It gives me the following error when trying to use it:

We don't use any users in our systems. I mean it's not required to log on when starting Navision. We didn't have that in our old setup either.

Also it's the same fin.flf so where's the problem?


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    rspruitrspruit Member Posts: 25
    Hey, I think you are using the native database. The fin.flf of your client machine does not matter if you work with a Navision database server. The fin.flf on the server does! In the server folder (with the server.exe, etc.) must be the correct fin.flf. If not, copy the correct fin.flf and restart the service.

    If using SQL, upload the correct fin.flf and log in again, here also the local fin.flf does noet matter.

    I hope this helps!


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