Cust. Ledger Entries Processing Report

mikelaceymikelacey Member Posts: 15
I am using Navision GB v4.0 on C/Side.

I have designed a processing report to change the Due Date for Customer Ledger Entries to be equal to Document Date less 21days.

When I run it, I get an error saying that the Due Date must be a flowfield for the Cust. Ledger Entries Table. Do I have a problem with my coding or is it just not possible to change the Due Date in this way?

I can manually change the Due Date for a single entry from the Customer Ledger Entries Table.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    You somewhere entered this field as parameter to CALCFIELDS function or you entered it into CalcFields property on the dataitem in report.
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    mikelaceymikelacey Member Posts: 15
    Ah - yes, thank you. Should have noticed that! I had CALCFIELD in the coding, I'll try changing it around and using CALCDATE instead.
    Thanks again.
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