MS can't find their own whitepaper? Help [solved]

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Voice Support, Service Request and my rep have been trying for almost two months to find a document on Roles for V5 and V5.1 ... they gave me direction to a document titled Statement of Direction doc at: ... on0107.pdf within that it makes reference to a link on page 35 to the whitepaper I was told to read .... when going to that http, the page is not found .... ... 4469-b771-

Odd that noone knows where this whitepaper is after two months of "looking" ... so ... does anyone have a copy? thanx


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    V5 doesn't have roles. It's just like 4.0. So you can't compare 5.0 to 5.1
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    OK... I'm now confused ... as per the MS Statement of Direction

    "Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1
    The release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1, scheduled for Q4 2007, will complete delivery of Dynamics Wave I with the 3 remaining release innovations:
    • new three-tier architecture
    • the new roles-based client and
    • Web services-enablement.
    What’s more, with the technology that enables the roles-based client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1, this release represents the first delivery on Wave II innovations. This release is unique in that Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1 will have the roles-based client and the C/SIDE client. Both clients have all the rich application features included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. We believe that the benefits of the roles-based client will attract new customers.

    Upgrade Considerations
    Existing customers will have the following options:
    • Keep the C/SIDE client, upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, and wait to move to the roles-based client at a later time
    • Upgrade their current solution to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1 and take full advantage of the roles-based client

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.1 will have a roles-based navigation design optimized for many key employee functions that includes 21 roles-based home pages with easy-to access tools and information. This single roles-based interface gives employees access to crucial information with fewer clicks so they can quickly get an overview of their tasks and activities, prioritize and complete them with greater accuracy and efficiency
    than ever. People will be able to interact more freely with the application and create more intuitive work processes. For example, the processes associated with Microsoft Outlook are an inherent part of the home pages – the user has their calendar, tasks, and email right on their homepage.
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    So what exactly is confusing about that? :-k
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    I guess the problem is understanding what the meaning of "roles" is... I use a Navision Database, V4 SP3 with the predefined Roles ... is roles-based client for SQL? ... is this all explained in the white paper Microsoft can't find?
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    Yes, I do. I'll send you a PM...

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