Never use WHILE FIND('Which')

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I 've read this in a document writted by SqlPerform. Why? What's the problem?




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    And you would use that where? Doubt it is navision like since we have functions returning sets.
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    As I understand it - you should never use While find('-') because the SQL-server will make a "tablescan" (or at least look for too many record every time the WHILE is executed) when using the WHILE-function together with FIND, making the search toooooooooo slooooooowwww...

    It is just the way Navision C/SIDE "communicates" with SQL optimizer which creates these problems (as I understand it..)

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    That's what I think.
    You're always going to the database to see if there is a record ... . Try to avoid doing this in a loop.

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    The problem is that if you set a couple of filters on a record folowed by a FIND command, SQL will prepare a set of records for you to browse trough. If you, no matter how you do it, change that set in the FIND loop. SQL will have to remake that set for you. This is HELL for your performance.

    WHILE FIND is only a worst case, there are many others.

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