Subcontracting Without Manufacturing Module

divesh.sharmadivesh.sharma Member Posts: 8
One of our client subcontracts job work to its vendors and aganist that subcontract bom items are issued to the vendor BOM is made by using BOM journal functionality in WM which can be multilevel.The Job/finished item is recieved including job-charges through purchase process for which certain customizations are being done.The client does not have manufacturing module.
Updation of Cost on reciept of finished job/item.
Costing when subcontracting process is multi-level.
Can this be achieved through Subcontracting worksheet without using manufacturing module.


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    mukshamuksha Member Posts: 274
    Dear Divesh,
    Please don't use the subcontracting worksheet without using manufacturing module. Tell me how is it possible to load the cost of one item on another item without using manufacturing module. If you are using BOM Journal, you dont have any option other than negative and positive adjustment. With this you can't close your costing issues.
    Mukesh Sharma
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