Voiding a Cheque

fred.ponechfred.ponech Member Posts: 13
We have created a computer cheque using the Payment Journal for a Vendor with a combination of Invoices and Credit Memos (Credit Memos created a Document Type of Refund upon creation of payment). To get the cheque to post properly, we unchecked the Force Doc. Bal. flag on the Journal Template.

Subsequently, we have a cheque which needs to be voided, and are now receiving the message "You cannot financially void checks posted from a Journal Template with Force Doc. Bal set to no."

Has anyone had any experience with this situation/message?

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    csimoneauxcsimoneaux Member Posts: 168
    The Force Balance option insures that total of DR and CR equal to 0. Sounds like you managed to post and entry that is out of balance (maybe small fraction).
    You will have to navigate and get all entries that are associated. Then create a journal entry to imulate the voiding of a check. This will be done on a journal entry using the GL, bank and customer Acct types. I would recommend that you create a test database (backup of live). Test Journal entries to see if you captured all entries.
    Even at Table the amounts will round(You will need to export data to see entire amount).
    This process will not actually Void check but the correct entries will be posted and on your Bank Reconciliations you will just clear the original check and the assoc Journal entry that will show up under deposits.

    I hope this will help.
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    fred.ponechfred.ponech Member Posts: 13
    We confirmed the entry is not out of balance (all entries were in local currency, so no rounding exists) before we changed the Force Doc. Bal. flag.

    We determined the cause of the issue to be having both the Sum per Vendor and New Doc. No. per line flags in the Suggest Vendor Payments routine to be checked - we are in the process of looking closer at the resulting entries in the Check Ledger Entry tables, and will let you know what we discover.

    Thanks for the input.

    Sir, if you don't calm down I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
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