Inventory Valuation-Zero Quantity, Large Value

jknauftjknauft Member Posts: 89
I'm working with a client that has several items that are showing up on the Inventory valuation report with zero quantity and a negative value in the millions. I've searched the forum and tried all the different solutions available:
1) Running the Adjust cost utility.
2) Making Inventory journal entries with a postive 1 quantity and a postive value entry offset by a negative quantity and a value of zero. This one works until I rerun the Adjust cost utility.

All the entries have been completely invoiced, closed, etc. I've found the entries where the error occured and am wondering if it's possible to make an entry to adjust it. I think the errors came when an employee went into the Item Ledger table and adjusted line items manually.

I am able to fix the items by making the positive and negative adjustment as above but then going into the Item Ledger Entry table and removing the Applied Entry to Adjust checkbox so the system doesn't try to create a balancing entry when I run the Adjust Cost utility. Is this a valid solution? Thanks.



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    ecclecticecclectic Member Posts: 176
    if you have a negative value on ur valuation report with a zero qty, u need to process a postive adjustment for the item with a value equal to ur negative value. Then process a negative adjustment.

    if u have a positive value on ur valuation report with a zero qty, process a positive adjustment for the item with a zero value. then process a negative adjustment.

    it should correct ur problem.
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    ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    I think the errors came when an employee went into the Item Ledger table and adjusted line items manually.
    Dont let any body change the table from the backend.

    If you are using the average or FIFO based costing then the cost of the postive/purchase entry is loaded on the related negative/sale/consumption entry as defined in the item application entry table. Have a look at those entries and try to figure out what is creating the problem.
    CA Sandeep Singla
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    ecclecticecclectic Member Posts: 176
    actually those things happen very often in navision, i.e. negative value with a zero qty or vice versa.

    it happens if at one stage u had negative stock and/or ur adjust cost was not run on a regular basis and the system has problems determining the actual cost of the items.
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    mturnermturner Member Posts: 8
    It depends what version of NAV you are working on. There is a problem in NAV4, but it is fixed in SP3.

    One of the problem is that the expected cost is not cleared. Check if the item have an expected cost as well as an actual cost on the same entry.
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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    One test to see if someone went in and modified the ledger is to run your inventory valuation report as of today.

    If you run it as of today, and it doesn't show any 0 quantities with values, then it's because of the timing of when you run your adjust cost process.

    There are a lot of posting on this forum that discusses this.
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