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BelsnBelsn Member Posts: 9
Hi again,

I have another problem on programming in Navision... I've created several forms and I want to create a wizard of thos forms. So when I click 'Next' or 'Previous' in a form I want to close the form and open te next form. Now I've noticed when I use:


the form won't close because it asks to be saved.. When I click Yes/No both forms close?!

Can anyone help me on this one..

Thanks in advance!


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    flfl Member Posts: 184
    You MUST not use several forms to do that job, but you should use only one form to make a wizard. See form 5077 Create interaction as an example.

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    hedegaardhedegaard Member Posts: 25
    Antoher solution might be having a controlling piece of code to which the forms return after they close. And then you can open another form.

    If you need to parse variables to the forms you can declare the forms as variables in the controlling code and make functions in the forms to retrieve the variables.

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