Assign activity to segment doesn't work?

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Hi all,

Ok guys, bare with me, since it is quite a lengthy post. I'll guide you through it step by step, so (hopefully) you can reproduce the problem as it occurs here.

First, we're going to create a new segment. I open up a Contact card, hit the menu button Contact and click Segments. In the popup-screen, I click the menu button Segment and choose Card. (Possibly there is an easier way to get to this screen, but for now, that doesn't really matter).

Now we create a new segment by Navision standards, by hitting F3. Validate the number, type a description and choose a Salesperson. Next, add some contacts by hitting the Functions menu button, select the submenu Segment and choose Add contacts... Pick a selection randomly, I don't believe it matters.

Now that we have some contacts in our list, we're going to assign an activity to it. First of all, I select all the lines I want (this shouldn't be necessary, but I have limited faith in the Navision workspace), then I hit the menu button Segment and choose To-do's. You'll get the To-Do Summary. At the bottom, click the menu button Functions and choose Assign Activity... The wizard will open.

Fill in all the required details (code, date, salesperson, ...) and click Finish.

For my example, I chose an activity with a telephone call and a meeting, and I had two contacts in my segment. When I click finish, I would expect 4 lines in the task Summary, more specific two telephone calls and two meetings. Instead, it only shows one meeting and no phone calls. When I create a new activity with only phone calls, absolutely nothing happens, so it seems that phone calls are being ignored and meetings are only created once...

The fact that meetings appear to be created only once is normal: for this segment there is only one meeting taking place, with three attendees. No need to show this three times, because that would mean that there would be three separate meetings instead of one.

I now don't expect 4 lines, but 3 lines: 1 meeting (with two attendees) and 2 separate phone calls. It now shows one meeting and no phone calls. The phone calls don't seem to be registered anywhere.

Also, the meeting is shown, but it is not registered with the contacts! The segment has a meeting sheduled, but there is only one participant, namely the salesperson himself. The other attendees are nowhere to be found and in their contact list, no trace of a meeting can be found. When I create a meeting manually with Create ToDo, this meeting IS registered on all Contacts todo lists.

Something clearly goes wrong here.

Why would I expect 3 lines? If I create a new To-Do in this window with the button "Create To-Do", this task will also show up twice (once for every contact in the segment list). Also, the way I see it, an activity is a group of recurring tasks that you can all add at once, instead of adding them one by one manually. Therefore, when adding an activity, I should be doing the same as creating the To-Do's in the activity manually one by one, so they have to show up in the same way. Unfortunately, they don't.

On the other hand, if you're really up for a good laugh, try adding the same activity to just one contact. Go to the contact card, select a contact of your choice, hit the Contact menu button and choose To-Do's. You'll reach the same ToDo Summary we had earlier. Now, do the same: hit the Functions menu button and choose "Assign Activity". Fill out the form in exactly the same way, hit the Finish button and as if it were a miracle, you'll see the tasks appearing in the list.

If you really want to be sure, choose one of the contacts you selected in your segment earlier: you'll notice that your previous efforts were in vain, since none of the To-Do's of the activity you assigned to the segment are actually saved nor shown.

I for one have given up the quest for a reasonable answer. As usual in similar situations, Mibuso is able to provide me with a proper solution, so I am very anxious to hear what the cause and, equally important, the solution might be.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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    Looks like I misposted my topic. This does not concern the Dynamics CRM, but the Relationship Management module in Navision... Can someone please move this topic?
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