Shortcut Dimension Values as FlowFilter in a FlowField

fvefve Member Posts: 28

In the Customer table (T18), I would like to add some additional filters to the CalcFormula of the field "Outstanding Amount".
For a management-report, I need the Outstanding Order Total, based on two additional filters: "Shortcut Dimension Value 4" and "Shortcut Dimension Value 5".

Problem is, that these fields are not physically present in Table 37 (Sales Line) on which the Flowfield "Outstanding Amount" is based.
However, in the Order Form, you can see the values for the Shortcut Dimensions if you are using the "Show Columns functionality". There, all Shortcut Dimension Values are listed.

Is there some way to use the same technique to add these values to the CalcFormula of the field "Outstanding Amount" or do I need to add these fields physically to Table 37 (Sales Line)?


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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 618
    No, it is not possible.
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    fvefve Member Posts: 28
    I was afraid I would get this answer. #-o

    That means I'll have to add these values to the Sales Line Table.

    How can I keep these values updated?
    Does anyone have some kind of advice on how to approach this?

    (First time I get to work with Dimensions ](*,) )
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    lakshmivallurulakshmivalluru Member Posts: 168
    one way is to whe ever salesline dimensions are being assigned automatically or manually, modify the sales line with new dimension values.

    for example, when you try to enter the sales line details, u select type, No. thata when the dimensions are assigned, try to add code to bring those dimension values into salesline. also when you manually modify the dimension, modify the salesline. Just like th eGlobal dimensions do
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    Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
    Well I would suggest not to try turn shortcut dimension into global ones - that's a hard nut to crack.

    Let's go with a more specified approach.

    Are these dimensions coming from Items or Customers?

    1)Then add new fields to the Items or Customer, also a subtable to choose the value, and into onvalidate code to insert/modify/delete them into the Default Dimensions table as well. This will also make entering dimensions easier on the Item/Customer.

    2) add two new fields to sales line table and code to sales line table, no. -onvalidate that if the type is an item, validate these fields from the item. or if they are from the customer, add it to oninsert and look up from the header.

    If they are entered manually on the order, then do 2) and and add code to these 2 new fields onvalidate to insert/modify/update the document dimension table as well
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