Get Job Usage and Non Billable hours

teeterteeter Member Posts: 46
I have a client who wants non billable hours to show up on sales invoices.

They are using the Job Journal to enter hours towards a job, and the work type to determine the unit cost.

I have non billable set up to 0.00 unit cost. When they are creating their invoices they use the Function -> Get Job Usage... from the Sales invoice card. This won't pull in any of the non billable hours because they are posted as not open (must be another reason too as I've tried posting them as open as well).

I've also tried giving a unit price to the non billable work type code, then giving it a 100% line discount. After posting the invoice, however, when they get the usage for that job again, that same entry reappears.

Any recommendations on invoicing non billable hours?



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