Sharepoint Integration with MSCRM

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We have tried to integrate MSCRM with Sharepoint2003...which was done....!! now i read abt that Sharepoint2007 does not support web parts for CRM....How can be it done...

Any Help..... :?


  • demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
    This is the workaround:
    The setup for the Microsoft CRM list web part doesn’t detect MOSS 2007 and needs to call the stsadm.exe in a different place. You can work around this problem by extracting the web part cab file on an WSS v2 machine and manually deploying the web part package.

    Extracting the web part package from the MSI:

    1. Requires Windows SharePoint Server v2 or SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to be installed on the machine.
    2. Execute the following command line
    a. Msiexec /i listwebpart.msi EXTRACTCABONLY=1 TARGETDIR=<path to install location> The file will in the install location.

    Manually deploying the web part package:

    1. Execute the following command line using the correct paths for your configuration. Where “C:\public\” is the path to the extracted web part package.
    a. "c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\BIN\stsadm.exe" -o addwppack -filename "c:\public\" –globalinstall

    This will deploy the web part for all SharePoint sites on the server.
  • ritesh.pandeyritesh.pandey Member Posts: 17

    Thanks for the help..

    We tried installing it but it displays the same error..

    i.e CRM is not compatible with sharepoint requires sharepoint 2003..

  • ritesh.pandeyritesh.pandey Member Posts: 17
    hi demy,

    have you tried the resolution......

    pls reply

  • demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
    The solutions I've signalled is an unsupported tips that comes from Microsoft. On which webparts do you have this problem?
  • ritesh.pandeyritesh.pandey Member Posts: 17

    we have problem with the crm 3.0 web parts list to which sharepoint 2007 is not getting integrated...the web partd works fine with sharepoint2003....
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