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sd484sd484 Member Posts: 2

I tried to set a filter on a field of type RecordID, but it does not work, why??
I tried it with SETFILTER and SETRANGE


  • LinLin Member Posts: 40
    You cannot set filters on a field of type Record ID.
  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    When I am using RecordID in some table, I have second field of type text where I save same value. When I need to filter, I am setting the filter over this text field...
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  • ronvdwronvdw Member Posts: 16
    I have recently tested this with the new 5.0 (beta) client and noticed that it is possible to filter on record id's in 5.0:
    RecLink.SETCURRENTKEY("Record ID");
    RecLink.SETFILTER("Record ID",FORMAT(Record.RECORDID));
        MESSAGE(FORMAT(RecLink."Record ID"))
      UNTIL RecLink.NEXT=0;
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  • LinLin Member Posts: 40
    Can you show your filtering code ?
  • miciebmicieb Member Posts: 13
    NAV help says that you cannot set filters on RecordID but you can apply textfilters on it. So I think you can filter like:

    RecLink.SETFILTER("Record ID",FORMAT(prec."Record ID"));

    The Format is essential, no other way of filtering (except flowfield in the table using a recordid field) will work.

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