Domain / Domain Controllers Issues in MSCRM 3.0

ritesh.pandeyritesh.pandey Member Posts: 17
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We have a company domain,whichn is being used by the entire organisation,now if i am going to install MS CRM 3.0 Server setup do we need to have a different domain/domain controllers for the CRM.Are their any issues which must be taken care of before going ahead,as we will be dealing with the live domain.the objective of this is to integrate with sharepoint technologies.. :roll:


  • demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
    I've not totally understood what's your exact problem, but CRM can be installed on your domain without poblems.
  • ritesh.pandeyritesh.pandey Member Posts: 17
    Yes....i know that CRM doesnt affect Domain....but we need to add users to active directory.....
  • darshanmdarshanm Member Posts: 280
    User needs to login in domain in which CRM server is installed.
    Hence install the CRM server in domain in which your user will login.
    Darshan Mungekar
    Senior Consultan
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