Count Item for salesInfoPaneMgt

klumklum Member Posts: 102
Hi All,

Can anyone guide me that how to write the exactly code for count lines that there are same item in sales line by use Sales Info-Pane Management Codeunit?

Thanks in advance


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    klumklum Member Posts: 102
    I created new function in codeunit 7171 so my code like this :
    WITH SalesLine DO BEGIN
      SETRANGE("Document Type","Document Type");
      SETRANGE("Document No.","Document No.");
      SETRANGE("Item No.","Item No.");
      IF FIND('-') THEN

    This code I can count correctly total lines but after validate total line that there are same item already but when i will create new line document type is "quote" but I created in sales order and there is no "Document No." so it might cause of my code from sales info pane management?

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