Using Company Notes in 4 SP1

emmersiveemmersive Member Posts: 2
Hi All,

I am attempting to setup "Company Notes" using Navision 4 SP1.

I have followed the online help "Actvating Company Notes" and have also trawled the internet to try to find a solution but to no avail.

When opening a help topic, the company notes links should appear, although they don't.

I have:
- Created two shared folders (CompanyShare > ComanyNotes)
- Shared them and granted read and write permission to my local machine account (testing locally first)
- Extracted the Company Notes Template File into the shared directory
- Setup the Company Notes table to point at the shared directory eg \\fs1\CompanyShare\CompanyNotes\

Doesn't work.

I have also found that alot of people deregister the Compnoteshtml.dll to get around the ActiveX messages poping up when help is opened. I have re-registered this dll and am getting the ActiveX messages again although I am still not getting the Company Notes links.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance.



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