How to set lookup field on the form to not visible

neramitneramit Member Posts: 46
edited 2007-01-30 in Dynamics CRM
Dear All,

On Case form it has lookup field "Contract" and "Contract Line"
and i want to remove out of the form but i can not do it
how to write jscript code to set not visible the field or
somebody have another way to do

thank you


  • demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
    To set the field to be not visible, write this Jscript code during the event triggered when the form is opened: = 'hidden'; = 'hidden';

    where FIELDNAME is the schema name of the filed you want to set as not visible. _c is for the field caption, _d is for the field itself.
  • neramitneramit Member Posts: 46
    Thank you. It work \:D/
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