Overhead Applied Account in General Posting Setup

BeatriceBeatrice Member Posts: 346

Can someone give me a brief overview of the importance and use of the Overhead Applied Account in the General Posting Setup window?

In our actual setup of posting groups, we have not entered any G/L Account in the Overhead Applied Account field and we could post our invoices.

But just today, while posting an invoice, we got a message which required us to specify a G/L Account in the Overhead Applied Account field? Why?

Thanks in Advance.



  • vjacvjac Member Posts: 18
    It is used to post the indirect cost to the income statement.
    Check the field "Indirect Cost %" in the lines of the invoice you are trying to post, this is posted (well, actually the resulting amount) to the Overhead Applied Acc.
  • waleedawnywaleedawny Member Posts: 4
    thank you. this has helped me today!
    Kind Regards
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