Upgrading Clients to 4.0 SP3?

iceborgiceborg Member Posts: 67
Currently upgrading the clients for a 3.70B Database to 4.0 SP3, and note that when answering Yes to the Convert Database Dialog, all tables (and records i assume since large tables take alot of time) are gone through "Converting Database Objects...."... just curious if anyone has bothered to check or knows exactly what is happening in the SQL Database on tables and record level, when upgrading the Client only... :shock:


  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    1) I assume it is on MS SQL...
    2) The triggers for the SIFT are redesigned, SIFT tables are recalculated (but I am not sure)
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  • iceborgiceborg Member Posts: 67
    Yes, SQL.

    Funny, I did a test Client Upgrade for the same database a few months ago to 4.0 SP2....it took like 10 minutes, now it has been going on for 2 hours....

    It's not a problem, but I got kinda scared when I saw it....anyway, lets hope its for something good !
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