Error in receiving messages MSMQReceive

Manoj_SharmaManoj_Sharma Member Posts: 14
My computer name is NAVISIONSRV
i have installed Navision Application server with the name NAVISIONSRV-SQL.
I am able to send the Message. it is seen in Message Queing->Outgoing Queues->Direct=OS:NAVISIONSRV-SQL\private$\jobmq
but while receiving the queue error is coming The Remote Computer is not available
the queue is Direct=OS:NAVISIONSRV-SQL\private$\repqmq

please help


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    1) Check the permissions on the queue
    2) The component can read/write just into local queue (I can't remember if the problem is when reading or writing). May be that is the problem...
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    Manoj_SharmaManoj_Sharma Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for your prompt reply
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