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I am integrating the Microsoft Retail with Navision. I did some customization using ADO to get the data from Microsoft
retail and to push the data into Microsoft Retail.

Scenario :
I am pushing Vendor records into Microsoft Retail which is using SQL db
I took a flag in Vendor table , if some of records failed to insert into Microsoft Retail DB , I made tha flag true. and I created a form which bound to vendor table and that will display the records that are failed to insert in Microsoft SQL. and I wrote some code in the form to know the bug that why these records failed to insert in Microsoft Retail.

Problem :

My doubt is , if the Navision 5 versin with .NET released, what will be the form logic that we wrote in Navision 4.x version. Will it vanish. As we don't have the forms bound to table in .NET.

could anybody give me suggestion for this. If it is , My integration will be failed with .NET


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    Version 5, you will still build everything in C/SIDE, so your code will still work.

    You code will still work. Still, we'll be working in C/SIDE.

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