Upgrade 2.6 db to 3.6 db after opened 2.6 db with 3.6 clien

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I have an customer who is using 2.6 db and client. Due to some changes in the remittance functionality they have to use a 3.6 client. If I open the database with a 3.7 client, is it possible to later upgrade the database to 3.7?


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    If you open it with a 3.70 client the database will ( after a confirmation) be converted. The 3.60 client and server executables can no longer be used. Your customer will then have to use 3.70 versions.
    Upgrading the 2.60 database objects at some later stage to 3.70 ( or 4.0 ) objetcs has nothing to do with this. That is a completely independent process.
    Kai Kowalewski
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    To upgrade the client, just open the database with the new client with Super permissions. To downgrade you must do a backup/restore.
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    Thank you a lot. This was exactly what I want to hear :-)
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