dbOleWrapper v0.2

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This Tiny OCX enables Navision to make use of
- COM Objects which do not have an OCX or AutomationController (e.g. OpenOffice)
- AutomationControllers, with Methods which are using parameters as SAFEARRAYs (e.g. ImageMagick)

First Beta Release - please Test & Enjoy


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    dbOleWrapper v0.2
    This tiny OCX enables Navision to remote-control OpenOffice over its UNO Interface. Source code included.

    In the examples you'll find some samples, showing how to:
    - exchange Navision data with OpenOffice.org Calc (Spreadsheet).
    - invoke/control ImageMagick.


    Discuss this download here.
  • geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    I've tried...it works fine! Great!

    Just a note: on x64 O.S. you have to copy the file dbolewrap.ocx into "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" directory, to register it successfully :wink:
  • rixrixrixrix Member Posts: 121

    Can you please tell me how to create new file, and save it as xls WITHOUT opening Calc application (visible to user) ?

    I wanted to try "loadComponentFromURL" with "Hidden" parameter, but I didn't find out how to send this parameter using dbOLEwrapper.

    Can you please tell me how the code in NAV should look like?

    Thank you

  • rixrixrixrix Member Posts: 121

    Does an1 know how to run "DispatchExecute" function on "DispatchHelper" object.
    I am able initialize "DispatchHelper" but "DispatchExecute" always throw error:

    Invoke of executeDispatch failed, Errorcode 0x80020009

    What am I doing wrong?

    gOoDoc2 is Oofice document opened by LoadComponentFromUrl method.
    Everything works without Error besides "DispatchExecute"
    OW.CallMethod ( locCurrC, gOoDoc2, 'getCurrentController', 0);
    OW.CallMethod ( locFrame, locCurrC, 'getFrame', 0);
    OW.SetParam (1, 'com.sun.star.frame.DispatchHelper') ;
    OW.CallMethod (Dispatch, locOoClass, 'createInstance', 1) ;
    OW.SetParam  (1, locFrame) ;
    OW.SetParam  (2, '.uno:GoToCell') ;
    OW.SetParam  (3, '') ;
    OW.SetParam  (4, 0) ;
    OW.ArrayCreate (vOoParamArr, 1) ;
    OW.SetProperty(locOoPropertyValue,'Value','$A$2') ;
    OW.SetParamFromVar (5, vOoParamArr) ;
    OW.CallMethod ( RV, Dispatch, 'executeDispatch', 5);
  • geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655

    I'm trying to develop a to merge a range of cells, but I have some troubles calling the related function, which raises "Invoke of Merge failed, Errorcode 0x800200005":
    OW.SetParam (1, StartColNo);
    OW.SetParam (2, StartRowNo);
    OW.SetParam (3, EndColNo);
    OW.SetParam (4, EndRowNo);
    OW.CallMethod (ooCellRange, ooSheet, 'getCellRangeByPosition', 4) ;
    OW.CallMethod (ooCellRange, ooSheet, 'Merge' , 0) ;

    Are parameters wrong? Merge documentation is provided here.

    Could anyone help me?

  • vasvovecvasvovec Member Posts: 8
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    I'm trying to use this wrapper. But after install it with regsrv32 on Win x64 it is not available in Nav2009 R2 classic client. I see this ocx with 32-bit ReqDllView util. But I don't see it in virtual table "Automation Server". Can anybody help me?

    Edit: I accidentally realized my mistake :) I should have chosen the OCX variable type, not Automation. And then dbolewrap.ocx is available.
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