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Scenario:A handheld device(Symbol) Running Windows CE.I need to develop a Simple Stock Taking Application which will scan the barcode and store it on a Database on the handheld device.

Problem:I can run the Application on the Emulator but it doesnt work when deployed on the handheld.

Seeking:A step by step Deployment procedure onto the handheld device and successful run on it will be highly appreciated.I am doing this in visual studio 2003 will using visual studio 2005 help???




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    Are you trying to set up active (wireless) link for the handheld, or storing information to a local database and synchronizing the data once docked?
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    handheld device(brand:Symbol) has inbuilt scanner with which i intend to scan the barcodes and store that info in a local database on the hand held.

    This is the Main Objective right now

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