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dear all,

I have a problem when setting default printers in navision.
I have four kyocera FS 3900DN installed on a server (each printing to another drawer of the same printer).
On a few clients I simply add these printers and then go to printer selections on one pc. I change each report so it prints on the correct drawer (each have difrent type of paper). Now on the printer I did these changes it all works great. But not on the other pc's. It also adds something linke Ne08: behind the printer name in navision and this differs from each PC. Even from each navision session. So it could be that this is the problem so how do I get rid of it?

For all those other clients it simply takes the default printer. I do not want to define for each user diffrent printers wich are actualy the same. (30 users and about 48 reports to print so that makes up lots of default printer settings) Another reason for this is that sometimes the users switch place. And you have a problem at that moment.

tanks in advance.


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