Filtering by pictures?

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Is there anyway to filter Navision 3.10 to show me only items that do NOT have a picture? Then I can copy them into Excel and print out.

I'm trying to easily find all new items for the 2007 season that I need to add pictures to.


  • ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
    I don't know about the version 3.01 you use, but you could execute a repeat and for each record to check the HASVALUE property of the picture field and use the MARK(TRUE) and in the end MARKEDONLY(TRUE) to display only the needed recs.

    If you use a codeunit with a variable Item of type record to Item table:
      IF NOT Item.Picture.HASVALUE THEN
    UNTIL Item.NEXT = 0;
    If you use a form you could remove the Item reference...

    I hope this helped...
  • yuppicideyuppicide Member Posts: 410
    Unfortunately I don't have enough access to do all that. I just have access to whatever is already built into Navision, so I thought maybe there's a way to filter through there.

    I guess what I'll do is filter all items with a *-7* to pull up all the items, copy them into Excel and then go into each item card one by one and see if there is a picture or not and write down in Excel. All our items go like 1120-7514 -- so the 7 designates that it's clothing from the 2007 season. There's probably about 150 items, so it'll take me some time, but it'll get done and keep me looking busy at work I guess. :)
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    Go to the item card

    Goto Designer

    Drop the "Picture" field somewhere on the form

    If the item has a picture it will have a "*"

    then filter on picture = '' (that's blank) and you then then hit the list and copy & paste what's left into excel.

    this can also be done from the item table directly - just filter on "picture"
  • ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
    Have you tried the simple way of filtering <>'' or ='' on the Picture field by using the table filters?

    I just tried it in the item list (first time I have done that) and worked just fine! (using Nav 4.0 SP2)
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    Why not just create a report off of the item table and filter the Picture field?
  • yuppicideyuppicide Member Posts: 410
    Thanks for the help. I figured it out. What I was looking for was a column called "Picture" but there is none. I went to table filter and found picture. I can filter with "*" or ",".

    * means has picture
    , means has no picture

    Will really help a lot because it's hard to do stuff sometimes when we don't have pictures for some of our items. Out of stuff that's not blocked there's 637 items that need pictures.
  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
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