Mapping of Accounts and Business Unit

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I just have a query wrt viewing of Accounts by a user. I will just explain what I have done

Name of the User - "Test"
He is part of the Business unit “Export”
This “Export” Business Unit is a Child Business Unit of “Calsoft”

The role of this “Test” user is Sales Person, Asst.
Privileges given to this role wrt Entity Account are:

Business Unit Business Unit Business Unit

Therefore, this user can Create, Read and Write all “Account” records related to Business Unit ie “Export”

Let me first tell you about a small customization that we have done here
In the entity called “Account”, We created a new attribute called Business Unit. (Under the Detail Tab, in the Business Information heading Business Unit – “Export”)

This field was added so that when an Account is created it could be linked to a Business Unit. This will further ensure that which users can view which records
Thus the user “Test” should be able to view an Account record that belongs to a Business Unit “Export”

But this user cannot view this record. In fact this user can view Account records, which are created by him only irrespective of whether those Account records belong to Business Unit “Export” or “Import”.

Thus the user “Test” should not be able to view an Account record if it belongs to a Business Unit “Import”

But this user is able to view this record because it is created by him.

I think the Business Unit given in the Account form is not mapped with the entity Account

It would be great if someone could help me on this.

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