Navision 3.70 and e-Con 2.6

jfreyjfrey Member Posts: 43
We have set up 2 new Citrix Server for our Navision 3.70 with Configurator e-Con 2.60 from Watermark.
Everything works fine, we can start the e-Con, we can configure our door but then, when we save it to the Sales Quote, we get an error message.
Install component NavisionLink first.
Does somebody know, what we have to do? We was asking Watermark but we didn't get an aswer until today(shame).


Navision 3.70, SQL Server 2000, Citrix Metaframe


  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,255
    Turn on the debugger and see where the error stops. I have a client who has this addon. We haven't implemented it yet. They way they've done the addon is not really developer friendly. All the fields are cryptic and they show the actual name through caption. Most of the CU cannot be designed.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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  • flfl Member Posts: 184
    Watermark splitted implementation and component design some time ago. So, development of components is now done by To-Increase. I think you need to contact them instead of Watermark for your problem.
  • jfreyjfrey Member Posts: 43
    Thanks to all, we solved the problem with a new installation of e-con.
    Navision 3.70, SQL Server 2000, Citrix Metaframe
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