Error 1232 in module 19 - Attain 3.10

PieterPieter Member Posts: 4
edited 2006-10-17 in Navision Attain
A client is experiencing occurances of Error 1232 in module 19 in the event log on their server multiple times during a working day. All postings refer to this error as packet problems on the network recommending that the network should be check.

My dilemma is that the network has been checked and no problems have been revealed. It is also not feasible at this point to upgrade the client and server with a later version.

Is there any other checks that can be performed to confirm the cause of the problem and /or fixes that can be implemented to enable Navision 3.10 to eliminate this problem?



  • SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    How was the network checked?

    Did you try a NEW network card in the server?
  • PieterPieter Member Posts: 4
    Hi Savatage.

    The network has been tested by network cabling specialists using their network equipment. A second network card has not been tested as this is a domain controller and modifying the network adapters would introduce changes within Active Directory. I don’t believe there are issues on the network adapter as there are no errors recorded on the adapter.
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