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Our network tech formatted one of our machines and reinstalled the Operating System. He installed Office. He installed Navision.

He didn't point Navision to our database before he left (he lives over an hour away from our office) and we can't use Navision on that machine. I know how to do it, but it's giving me the message that the database is already in use. What can I try?!

The server is named "w2ksonali" and the database is located on "R:\Attain Data\Sonali.fdb"

Oh we use 3.10...


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    You receive that message if you a try to access a database directly with a client while the navsion server has opened the database too. So it seems the servers knows where the database lies.

    If should be possible to open the database just by typing in the server name.
    If that works and you then end the client, the zup.file will save this configuration.

    You also create a shortcut for the fin.exe ( if it is a native server ) using this target :
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 4.0\Client\fin.exe" servername=w2ksonali, nettype=tcp
    Kai Kowalewski
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    You are tryig to open the database file directly, which is already in use because the database server is using it. Instead, you need to enter the server name and let it connect to the database server.
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    Thank you very much. Using just "w2ksonali" and hitting okay worked. Then I opened the company and logged in.
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