Method 'SendWaitForReply' of object 'IOutMessage' failed

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this error:

Error Number: -2147220978
Error Description: Method 'SendWaitForReply' of object 'IOutMessage' failed

I get when I try to communicate with Navision with MSMQ and Navision Communication Components. I send a XML message...

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents CC2 As NSCOMCOM2Lib.CommunicationComponent
Private DOM As DOMDocument30
Private mobjOutMessage As NSCOMCOM2Lib.OutMessage
Private mlngTimeout As Long

Public Function SendMessageWaitForReply(ByVal Message As String) As Boolean
Dim ok As InMessage

DOM.loadXML Message mobjOutMessage.GetStream()
Set ok = mobjOutMessage.SendWaitForReply(mlngTimeout)
If ok Is Nothing Then
SendMessageWaitForReply = False
Err.Raise vbObjectError + errMessageNotSentNum, "CNASClient", errMessageNotSentDesc
Exit Function
End If

SendMessageWaitForReply = True

End Function

Can anyone help



  • vzdesicvzdesic Member Posts: 9
    of course, error is on this line:

    Set ok = mobjOutMessage.SendWaitForReply(mlngTimeout)

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