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ldld Member Posts: 17

I have made this shortcut on my disktop

[url=navision://client/run?database=c:%5Cprogram%20files%5Cmicrosoft%20business%20solutions-navision%203.7%5Cclient%5Cdatabase2.fdb%26company=CRONUS%20Danmark%20A/S%26target=Form%20330%26servertype=NAVISION]navision://client/run?database=c:%5Cpro ... e=NAVISION[/url]

When I try to start the link, I get an error (Access denied).
(The helpprogram tonavision can´t open. The protocol in this adress is illigal).

Does anybody know anything about this error, at how do I solve it.



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    NikkNikk Member Posts: 49
    Hey Lars,
    The link seems to have the params ok -so check your security/permissions to that folder and database.
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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Search this forum, it seems like problem with the registry, where in some cases some correction is needed. Search for the word "finhlink"...
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    ldld Member Posts: 17
    Thanks kine it worked.

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