How to personnalize CRM 3.0

rmouzarmouza Member Posts: 52
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Hi everyBody,

I'm new to CRM and i don't know how to add some personnalized frames.
How to add codes? Buttons?

Can someone help me please!



  • Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,597
    Everything is available in the MS CRM SDK. Google for it and download it.
  • rmouzarmouza Member Posts: 52
    thanks Miklos,
    i have yet the MS CRM SDK, but i know that we can do some personnalization with C#.
    Do you know the main steps to developp and deploy it into CRM ?
  • demy75demy75 Member Posts: 31
    If you want to write CRM customizatino with .NET, basically you've to use the CRM web service and call its methods from a custom ASP.NET page (on an IFRAME in CRM) or using Callouts (basically a custom .NET code on pre and post CRM events). Check the SDK.
  • rmouzarmouza Member Posts: 52
    Ok! demy i found many examples for that in the sdk.
    now do you know haow to Stop the Callouts?
    I need this to import data to the database!
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