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aleix1979aleix1979 Member Posts: 213
Hi there,

I cannot try RIM because I need to register and use an xml dll but don't know which one.

I also don't know which methods are used in each of the vars in codeunits aroung 8611.

There's nothing in the RIM information.

Does anyone know from where to download the correct ocx,dll? I suppose once registrered I will already see all objects right in the CU's

Anyone using RIM? :?
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    vjacvjac Member Posts: 18

    You need MSXML 6.0 and MS Office 2003 (for the excel export/import).

    You don't have to register anything manually, just download and install msxml6.0

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    aleix1979aleix1979 Member Posts: 213
    spot on! :wink:
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