Flowfields gives positively wrong result

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I have encountered an annoying and somewhat spooky problem. After using DELETEALL on tables Item Ledger Entry and Warehouse Entry (on a filtered set of records, no flowfilter though) the following happends:
Flowfields Inventory in Item table and Quantity in Bin Content give wrong result.
There is positively no records (within filter as set before delete), but flowfields report there is. I tried to backup database, but still the same problem exist.
Using a program with rec.QUANTITY gives same result as visual count.

This is on Navision 370, SQL server 2000. I tested the delete program on a native database before the SQL version and that worked well.

It looks like the SQL mechanism behind Flowfields is out of order. Anyone know what has happened and how to solve this. (Unfortunately it is on a live database)



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    ottobeottobe Member Posts: 67
    Hi again. More info:

    Restart of SQL server . No result

    Taking backup from SQL server and restore in Native: Flowfields work OK.
    This should identify the problem to SQL / Flowfields.

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    I have seen this twice, but is very rare. To correct it I identified the SIFT indexes that were calculating the wrong values and disbabled them and then complied then went back in and re-enabled them and it rebuilt the summary table associated with the SIFT index and the values were correct after that. Just make sure when you disable the SIFT index and compile that it actually drops the summary table associated with the SIFT index.
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    ottobeottobe Member Posts: 67
    :D Thanks !!
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Did it fix your problem? You should Put [Solved] in the topic.
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