Difference b/w read and execute permission

Ravi_Prakash_GoyalRavi_Prakash_Goyal Member Posts: 72

what is the difference between read and execute permissions.
and how I can check this. when i give object permission to a
role then execute permission will automatically assigned.
why is it so.


  • ClausHamannClausHamann Member Posts: 80
    Execute permission is the permission to run the object (e.g. run a report or open a form). Read permission is permission to read the object definition or for Table Data to read the data in the table object.

    You usual only assign Table Data permission in Navision. The ALL role has execute permissions to all Table, Form, Report, Dataport, XMLport and Codeunit. The reason for this is that permissions in Navision only are controlled by access to the data.

    You don't have to worry about execute permissions for Table Data as execute permission isn't used for Table Data. I guess execute permission is set to yes as default as all permissions (read, insert, ...) is set to yes when you create a new permission.


  • Ravi_Prakash_GoyalRavi_Prakash_Goyal Member Posts: 72
    Thanks for clarify the difference.
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