I need to invisible & Summary pusure VAT by Invoice No.

joycopl_mejoycopl_me Member Posts: 52
Hi all,
I am making report use for sumary VAT by the Invoice No of the Sales Invoice Header table (select from 2 table: Sales Invoice Header & Sales Invoice Line)
- I want to check : if VAT Prod. Posting Group == "No VAT", invisible this row
- Summary VAT if % VAT of item as the same

Thang Hong

Please show me step by step because i am a new comer :D


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    David_CoxDavid_Cox Member Posts: 509
    Two ways to do this best way is:
    Sales Invoice Line - OnAfterGetRecord()
    IF "VAT Prod. Posting Group" = 'NO VAT' THEN

    Second way:
    View the Report Sections, select the section you want to hide then press F9

    Sales Invoice Line, Body (1) - OnPreSection()
    CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT("VAT Prod. Posting Group" <>'NO VAT') ;

    Note: If you have variables you are creating totals for clear them OnAfterGetRecord or the will be added again if you use option 2, and you totals will be wrong
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