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Hi All,

I want to know that what is the way in Navision to place an indent by the user department to the purchase department.Withot using planning worksheet.
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    colingbradleycolingbradley Member Posts: 162
    Check out the G/L Chart of accounts form,
    CurrForm.Name.UPDATEINDENT := Indentation * 220;
    Indentation is a field in the table and has been updated by the Function.

    from the C/Side Reference Guide:

    Use this function set the Indent property of a text box.


    Data type: integer

    The indentation in 1/100 mm.

    The Indent property can only be set by using this function from the OnFormat trigger of the text box - it cannot be set from the property sheet.

    The intended use is to provide some means of structuring information in a tabular form by indenting the contents of a text box, based on some notion of a hierarchy. See also the UPDATEFORECOLOR and UPDATEFONTBOLD functions which are meant to be used for similar purposes.

    You can use this function to indent a text box in a tabular form according to the value in some other field this:

    CurrForm.Name.UPDATEINDENT(Level * 220);

    The Level field is supposed to contain integer values from 0 and upwards. The higher this value is, the more indentation will be added to text box that displays the contents of the Name field.
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