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So I've been using Navision for over a year now and actually we're quite happy with it, but still I feel that Navision could fit our needs even better if I only knew how to get around certain things.

Here's the problem. We're an internet company, we don't sell 'widgets', we sell projects and hours. There's nothing physical, nothing to ship.

So shipment date is of no use for us. What would be of use is some easy way to turn a quote into an order and to make an invoice for say 40% of the total amount. I've tried to use partial shipmets for that, but that just doesn't really seem to work.

Any ideas? Any white papers out there about using Navision for a company like ours?

How are other people's experiences with using Navision for services companies?

Thanks a bunch.


  • ClausHamannClausHamann Member Posts: 80
    Navision has a build in Job module. Are you using this module to manage your projects?

    It is possible to convert a Sales Quote into a Sales Order in Navision. The Sales Quote form has a “Make Order” function bottom. Just press the bottom and a Sales Order is created from your Sales Quote.

    Why doesn’t the partial shipment work? You don’t have to make the shipment first. You can invoice and ship in one go and thereby invoice the Order partial – just change "Qty. to Ship" to the value you want to invoice and then post using Ship and Invoice.


  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    We have a client that has the exact same problem as yours.

    The problem is that you want to use the sales quote to give the customer an estimate of the job. When the quote is approved, it gets turned into a sales order by default. Next you want to bill out of that sales order based on milestones or % of completion, so partial shipment does not really work.

    The solution we implemented for our client was a customized solution using the Navision job granule with the sales invoicing granule.

    Basically, the quote is generated within the Job system (different than on sales order) once the quote is approved, the status is changed to an order and billing takes place from the entries done in Job journal.

    They would use the Get Job Usage function to do their billing instead of having a large sales order that they have to partially invoice everytime.

    This is a super brief explaination of what we did. Your requirements may be different.

    Hope this helps you.
  • themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    We have had a few sales like this, what we did was set the qty equal to 100, and billed out the percentage based on the total qty of 100.

    So, at the first milestone we shipped and invoiced 25 ( 25%) and the system billed out 25% of the order, leaving the remaining 75 to bill out later.

    So, if you just look at it from that perspective standard Navision worked fine for use. We just had to set up the original Sales Quote as a qty 100 and adjust the unit price accordingly. then convert quote to order on approval and ship and invoice at each milestone.

    for your situation, you can use resources or g/l accounts, they ship also.
  • HalMdyHalMdy Member Posts: 429
    They are also some add-ons to manage this type of process ...

    As an example, check , unfortunately only in french at this moment. They have a product called NaviOne to manage projects (estimates, milestones , ...). You could also send me a private msg for more details ...
  • Geert_PennersGeert_Penners Member Posts: 12
    Well, there is nothing in 'standard' Navision to fit your needs. There are however several add-ons that could help you out. One of them is an add-on called 'stage payments', which allows you to make an invoicing plan, separate from actual deliveries (if any).

    I also thinking you might benefit from some extra Job/Project functionality. There's the (limited) Navision standard functionality, but if that doesn't suffice, there are plenty add-ons in this functional area.
    Kind regards,

    Geert Penners
  • qedqed Member Posts: 14
    Hmm, thank you very much for the info so far. I will certainly check some things out, like the Job granule and some add-ons.

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