Standard text lookup from any text field

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This is a standard functionality feature - "Standard Text" lookup from any text field, that has no lookup defined.

In any text field ("Description" on journal lines, "Name" on Customer, etc.), even in variable definition form, enter '?' (question mark) and hit "Enter" or just leave the field to make it validate. Lookup form will popup, letting you fill the field from "Standard Text" table. This could be extended with some useful text/data entry shortcuts.

If anybody wonders, the code responsible for this behaviour is in Codeunit 1, function MakeText(...). While there, you might as well take a look at the function MakeDateFilter(...) - you can add some useful shortcuts for applying date filters too.
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  • ClausHamannClausHamann Member Posts: 80
    Thanks, I didn't know that but I am sure I will be able to use it in the future.


  • aliennavaliennav Member Posts: 449
    Kindly tell me what is the use of stndard text codes?
  • jwikmanjwikman Member Posts: 25
    Anyone knows if there are a way to make corresponding functionality for Code fields? It seems that MakeText(..) is just triggered from Text fields.

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