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Haven't seen this posted anywhere, so...
I've seen a few posts wondering if there is a way to "protect" the code from others. Well, what I'll post here is not a solution, but might be at least a bit usefull sometimes.

Oh, and also, this trick isn't much of a trick, it's simply Navision bug abuse :), which will probably go away in the future.

What you have to do is: on a form (report/dataport) you want to "protect", create a textbox control and as it's source enter static text string, i.e. '123456.....' with a length of about 400 chars (haven't tested for minimum required length). Make it invisible, so it's not cluttering your form. Save it - you're done. Now, if you will try to design the form or export it as a text, Navision will simply crash. You can still run the object without any problems.
Tested on versions 2.x - 4.0.
Cons: you can still access the code using debugger though...

Warning: if you try this on the objects you're using somewhere, backup them first! You've been warned!
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    wen i try to save the form it says that decimal should be in the range of

    -999,999,999,999,999.99 to 999,999,999,999,999.99
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