NAS is not restarting when Navision server reboots

SkanderbySkanderby Member Posts: 12
We have at problem with a NAS server on a separate server. If the Navision server is restartet then NAS server is trying to connect but without result.

If we restart the NAS service it connects correct.

Do anyone know what to look fore?

/Michael Skanderby


  • bruno77bruno77 Member Posts: 62
    Hi Michael,

    What are you using the NAS for? Integrated with MSMQ? Is the NAS trying to start prior to MSMQ or some other dependent service has started?
  • WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    If you read the "installation & configuration" manual, you can read that the NAS "Should" reconnect automatically ... however my experience tells me this is rarely the case. :roll:

    You should include a restart of the NAS Services, together with your navision-server-restart. I can imagine this is not easy, bacause the NAS services are located on a seperate server. However, this should be possible ... I can restart services on a certain server from my machine as well (in mmc).

    This is something to "google" for... :|

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  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    What *should* happen is that the NAS service tries to connect, fails, and from that moment on it will try again every 30 seconds. If the database server hasn't started yet when NAS makes its first attempt, it should pick it up later. Automatic restart of NAS always works for me. Make sure your startup type is set to automatic.

    What is the error message exactly?
  • SkanderbySkanderby Member Posts: 12
    We are using NAS for the TradePoint webshop. It uses MSMQ for the communication.

    The problem is that the restart of the Navision server was unexpected. So a planing of a NAS restart is not posible. :D

    NAS is trying to reconnect (every 30 sekunds) but without success.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    Is there any more information in the event log?
  • SkanderbySkanderby Member Posts: 12
    The eventlog is in danish but it just says that the connection to the server is disconnectet becouse of an error in the communication (when trying to connect every 30 sekunds):

    Forbindelsen til serveren blev afbrudt på grund af en kommunikationsfejl.

    Start klienten igen.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at
  • huddlstahuddlsta Member Posts: 4

    I see this post is fairly old but no solution has been posted.
    Have you managed to resolve this problem? I am experiencing the exact same problem.

    Stadler Huddlestone
  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Member Posts: 200
    It looks like a TCP/TCPS problem. Don't use TCPS, and make sure both the NAS and the server use TCP...
  • huddlstahuddlsta Member Posts: 4
    I am not sure whether this is the problem.
    The service starts when you start it manually from services and continues to run. It is only when the machine is restarted that NAS does not start automatically although it is set to do so.... and then if you try to start it manually, it starts fine. This happens every time.
  • ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    What user is defined to run this service?
  • huddlstahuddlsta Member Posts: 4
    Extra note: Our problem is the same as the one reported in the top of the thread. We dont get the event log error. We do get an error in the event log stating that the NAS password / Account is not valid. But if you start it manually, it works ok which means the account details must be ok.

    The NAS is running on a domain controller and we only seem to get this problem with NAS running on domain controllers (more than one machine).

    The logon account for NAS is a domain account which has DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR privilleges. If you change the logon account to LOCAL SYSTEM ACCOUNT , NAS does start but you cannot use this account to run NAS. When setting the account back, the problem starts again.

    We have tried resetting the NAS user password on the domain and creating a new NAS user account, but the same problem still exists.

    What is strange is the it works fine manually and only does not work on restart. It is almost like it cannot start due to an dependancy on another service but it theory it should try again multiple times until it can connect. It does not seem to do this.
  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Member Posts: 200
    @huddlsta: Also created the Windows Account in Navision? Also bear in mind that the Navision server also has to be part of the domain, otherwise the account will not be recognised (and therefor usable) by Navision...

    If you start the NAS, do you also see the user logged in (take a look at the sessions list, there you can see it)? Eventhough the Servicemanager says the NAS is started, it might not be logged in to the database, which could indicate a logon error (but then again, the errors should be in the eventviewer)
  • jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    Lately I've been doing a lot more work with NAS and unfortunately it does not come back online after a failure. So when you're writing code be sure to trap any errors or anything else that would kill the NAS.

    I normally configure the Recovery settings of the service to handle automatic restarts. If you right click on the properties of the NAS service there is a Recovery tab. Simply change all of the pull downs from "Take No Action" to "Restart the Service". This way if the Navision server goes offline NAS should continually try to restart itself.

    One thing to note that if you are using the standard business communication components that come with Navision, it will not clear messages in the queue. It will start back up, respond to any new messages, but ignore any that may have been placed into the queue. I think this is pretty poor design on the part of Navision (and hopefully some of the MS folks are watching this and consider fixing it!)
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  • huddlstahuddlsta Member Posts: 4
    I have now resolved the problem by not using a domain account where I get this problem. Using the NT Authority\System (local system account) enables NAS to start correctly. Still dont know why this problem occurs with the domain account with domain admin permissions on a domain controller but not too important now.
  • PoltergeistPoltergeist Member Posts: 200
    But can you define this user within Navision then?
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