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upasanisandipupasanisandip Member Posts: 405
Hi all,
I have made custom entry no. series in table 308 (No. Series) & 309 (No. Series Line). I want to use that nos. in my new form. How can I use that ?
Anyone have idea?



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    ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,256
    if you look how the code works on customer table, you can use the same on your new table. Basically on oninsert add the following code
      Setuptable.TESTFIELD("Custom Nos.");
      NoSeriesMgt.InitSeries(Setuptable."Custom Nos.",xRec."No.      Series",0D,"No.","No. Series");
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    upasanisandipupasanisandip Member Posts: 405
    Hi ara3,
    giving me error
    You have specified an unknown variable
    No. Series
    Define the variable under cal gloabls.

    I am using following code

    SalesSetup.TESTFIELD("WebUsers Nos.");
    NoSeriesMgt.InitSeries(SalesSetup."WebUsers Nos.",xRec."No. Series",0D,"No.","No. Series");
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    2tje2tje Member Posts: 80
    "No. Series" is not a variable but a field. Take a look at the tables 18, 23, 36, 38 etc.
    To see what is happening when inserting a new record, eg. Customer, you can use the debugger.
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