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Doing a sedentary job often implies getting overweight. I'm 105 kilograms, which is a bit too much for my 185 centimeters (210 pounds and 6 feet 2 inches).

Do you have similar problems?

A few years ago I dropped 22 kilograms (44 pounds) in four months. It has been... both hard and easy. It was hard, because what I did was 4 gyms a week, 5 jogging a week about 3 kilometers ( 2 miles) each, having a yoghurt and a small piece of brown bread for breakfeast, same stuff for lunch and one-quarter of a chicken breast and some salad for dinner. I always felt hungry, but on the other hand... week by week, the scale showed a kilogram (2 pounds) less. And it was a great motivation. As I had an easy job - mostly just learning - it was easy to get completely fanatic on the issue and endure being hungry and doing hard sports to loose weight.

But now it's different. Job is not as easy and I feel that I at least deserve a good lunch of, like, pork and pastry, and I don't really feel like going to the gym more than twice a week. Therefore I get fat.

If the situation sounds familiar to you, do you have any ideas on it?

My ideas is to drop the boring gym and try to do sports that are fun to do and therefore I can convince myself to do it every day. Like learning to rollerblade. But I think it will be a bit strange, as an almost 30 years old moving mountain of muscle and fat tries to learn to rollerblade with thin 12 years old kids...

Still, I think fun sports are the answer. And what do you think?


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