Faxing from Navision with Windows Fax service

ServalServal Member Posts: 51
Hi All,

I have to send automatically a Sales Invoice report with Windows Fax service using Customer Fax No.

I have already search the forum, but most of the topics talks about sending faxes using programs such Zetafax,... I have tried some embedded code that I found in the forum, but it doesn't work.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.


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    qngoqngo Member Posts: 58
    Yes, it is possible to use windows fax server. You need to change to properties of the reports that you want to fax. You need to change "ShowPrintStatus" of the report in order to use the fax service. Once this is done, fax service can be used when picking a printer. We currently do it that way.
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    themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    Us too, but it is not automatic, you have to select the fax printer and go through the wizard to enter name and fax number. I do not believe windows fax can accept parameters programatically.
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    flfl Member Posts: 184

    I've made a solution for that problem, but it's NOT based on windows fax services, because I couldn't pass any parameters to the fax engine, except manualy.

    My solution is based on GFI Fax-server for sending faxes and PDF995 to create pdf. The solution will first convert the report to a pdf, so you get the same output as your printer should do. Then the pdf is sended to any faxno you want, could be directly the customer fax no if you start from sales invoice report.

    It is no problem to demonstrate to you.


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    ServalServal Member Posts: 51
    themave wrote:
    I do not believe windows fax can accept parameters programatically.
    ...but that's really what I want to do : pass the fax number as parameter...
    fl wrote:
    My solution is based on GFI Fax-server for sending faxes and PDF995 to create pdf
    Thanks Francois, but I have to do it with windows fax services.

    Has anyone already try to use an automation within CAL to do so ?

    Thanks !
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    themavethemave Member Posts: 1,058
    Not me, but see if this helps, not a programmer, but would like to have the solution myself.



    And this was a sample I found online

    Private Sub TestFAXCOMLib(strTestFaxNumber As String)

    Dim objFaxServer As FAXCOMLib.FaxServer

    Dim objFaxDocument As FAXCOMLib.FaxDoc

    Dim strFILE_TO_FAX As String

    Dim JobId

    Set objFaxServer = New FAXCOMLib.FaxServer

    objFaxServer.Connect (vbNullString)

    Set objFaxDocument = objFaxServer.CreateDocument("Test")

    strFILE_TO_FAX = CurrentProject.Path & "\TestFaxDocument.txt"

    objFaxDocument.FileName = strFILE_TO_FAX

    objFaxDocument.FaxNumber = strTestFaxNumber


    End Sub

    Private Sub btnSEND_FAX_Click()

    Call TestFAXCOMLib("416-111-1111")

    End Sub[url][/url]
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    Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
    We created an add-on that provides this functionality (automates windows fax services to send Navision reports and documents via fax). You can see more information on the product at:

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