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raven44raven44 Member Posts: 85
Hi All,

I have a client that wants to have 2 VAT's posted at the same time.

VAT-A is normal VAT and will post accordingly.
VAT-B will be a new VAT that will be required to post to GL Entry, its own VAT-B Entry table and so forth.


Amount = 100
VAT-A = 10%
VAT-B = 5%

GL Entries include:
GL 85
VAT-A entry 10
VAT-B entry 5
Bal. GL -100

I understand this requires some extensive development, unless any of you have any recommendations?
My worries are INCONSISTENCY in the GL Entry table, as the GL amount needs to be altered by the VAT-B amount.

Things to note, they require the VAT-B as an additional VAT on the line of the transactions. It is to populate its on VAT-B Entry table and therefore has its own VAT-B Bus. & Prod. Posting Group setups.

Anyone have any ideas of how to go abouts this?


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    johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    You need a modification for the problem, add new field of VAT-B in an item card for example, or customer card. Just contact your local NSC developer. This is needed for that.

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    raven44raven44 Member Posts: 85
    it aint pretty ;) but got something working from a gen. journal line.
    (at least the entries that are posted).

    now when trying to create this for Purchase documents im having a problem splitting the VATs.
    i get all the entries in the GL Entry table but VAT-A would contain both VAT's and VAT-B would post with a 0 amount.


    any one have suggestions on this?
    ive tried to duplicate the VAT module - but feel that im going to be running into major problems down the line.
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